“You’re the only Ten I See”

I’m in Tennessee for Spring Break, visiting some extended family! Here a few things I have learned:

  • I’m very timid driving on mountainous, winding roads.
  • Long talks with Mamaw are the best. She is 99 and remembers everything. The only reason she would not is if she pretended to hear something you did not say loud enough.
  • My uncle Jesse is way cooler than the Uncle Jesse we all know from Full House. (I already knew that though, but I thought I should enlighten you all of that fact, too)
  • People here like to yell stuff out the car window… they’re awfully enthusiastic.
  • My papaw knows his Nascar better than anyone I have ever met.
  • Coca-Cola is like water here… it’s served to you whether you like it or not.
  • Seeing friends from home is a breath of fresh air (even fresher when in the mountains).
  • I don’t think anyone here knows what “hungry” means. (My tummy might be mad at me by the end of the week)Pal’s milkshakes… nothing can compare to them. Dr. Enuf… makes me burp with every sip. Thank you, Insomnia cookies for the sweet treats and fun note.
  • UT has a pretty neat campus and Knoxville is so fun.. (shout out to my cousin and his girlfriend for an awesome weekend)My cousin, Chance, dangling from an old attic on a nature trail…This crazy, chaotic restaurant that gives you insults on hats. People pay to go there to have everyone be (humorously) rude. Quite the experience.Downtown Gatlinburg… stumbled upon a very very very talented bluegrass band…“Club Jump Jam” where you flip into foam pits, get hit by dodge balls, quickly run out of energy, and cannot get a good quality picture in because of the black light.. If you ever find yourself in Knoxville, I highly recommend visiting THE cutest place on earth… PUPPY ZONE!
  • Deers walk quickly and lightly and love leading you down trails… if you’re quiet. They might even pose for a picture for you 😉& finally, I was reminded that God is a beautiful, creative, and awesome designer.May we never lose the wonder.


THIS WEEKEND IS A LONG WEEKEND. (Thank you, Martin Luther King Jr. for having a dream.)

… I appreciate MLK for more than just the long weekend. He’s really one of the best things that ever happened in America. In the world.


Tonight I am doing laundry and washing dishes in preparation for my adventures that will take place in GA this weekend with some awesome people. So.PUMPED.

I will not tell you what I am doing there right now… So you have incentive to read my blog later… Muahaha.

(For my friends reading this who already know what I am doing there, just keep your lips sealed & encourage people to at least check my posts out)

 & I’m also not telling you because there’s a lot of safety issues with telling the Internet where you are located. 

Be smart online, people. 


As I was folding my laundry, I went to pull out my black suitcase from under my bed and…  

Went to pull my black suitcase from out of my closet and…. 

Went to get my black suitcase out of my car and… 

Then faced the fact that… 

It’s missing. 

So here lies/lie/lay/lays (if you know the grammar regarding these words, please comment the correct way to say what I am trying to say) my clothes with no place to stay: 

I think I left it at my friend’s house in GA last week. Good thing I’ll be there tomorrow. 

Just if you’re reading this, pray I find it. 

Thanks!  Have a wonderful evening!

Fun fact: Turtles can’t walk and breathe at the same time. So, even though I lost my suitcase… I am glad I have not lost/always had the ability to multi-task in such a simple fashion.