from my pen and paper


It’s a gift, a privilege. A joy, a deep breath. It’s intentional, thoughtful. It’s understood and a timeless thing to do.

But it’s tough to return…

Why is that??

Retreating feels like escaping- resting…. but should it be?

Maybe retreating should be mindfulness, prayerfulness, and fully engaging with the realities of this world.

Does the Lord call us to escape ever? (unless it’s evil)

No- He rescued us. We are called to retreat with the Lord to help us put thoughts and prayers into actions. We should think on difficult things- beautiful, tragic, and romantic things. Surrendering them all to the good Lord.

Holy Spirit, guide me in my retreating- help me to discern what it should look like daily. Thank You for my rest in You- for that opportunity. You are my true hiding place. Amen.



Behavioral Correction/Discipline/Grace…

Is thisĀ  How important is this [discipline] in our daily walk with Christ?

Is it more natural or more intentional?

It shouldn’t be our focus, because Jesus re-wrote our story to be about redemption and grace.

However, we cannot only fixate on grace and keep on sinning. (Romans 6:1)


I have this tendency to be a rule follower but inwardly will still keep sinning and get comfortable in that.

I pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me in walking in His ways. To help me discern right from wrong- not for the sake of “being right” or appearing as if I have it all together.

But for the case of Christ- may my actions always glorify Jesus. [knowing they won’t, but God can use anything… right?]

Help my words (and actions) to be filled with hope and love.

Whether that love is tough/correctional or full of grace- may it be what the other person needs to know Jesus and desire Him more. Amen.IMG_1711


Entertainment… what is the purpose?

to impress? to be liked? to be the center of attention? worldly

to bring people joy? to enjoy company? still wordly?

did Jesus entertain?

How can God be glorified in entertainment? I’ve seen it, but can’t put my finger on how. [neature probably]

I’m stumped honestly…

Why is it that we feel pressure to entertain those we love most when they visit us?

Why does this world drive us to DO MORE than just spend time?

Our hands and feet desire activity. Our eyes and ears desire beauty and laughter. All is gift from God!

What better way to use what we have (our gifts) than to actively serve the Lord and glorify Him? and to thank Him for the gift of His entertainment?

Holy Spirit, may you always be who we want to serve, praise, and be praised by. Amen.