Just a handful of updates

1) Margo found out I wrote about her. I woke up to a text that said “You posted about me on your blog???????? Hahahahhaa you’re so crazy! I love you!!!!!” I just giggled and was so excited I kept it a secret until she read it! Acts of kindness are kind.

2) Still on the hunt for my black suitcase.

3) GAS IS CHEAP. It was $1.98 per gallon today when I filled up before road tripping back from GA.

4) I got a new dress. It’s cute and I am super excited to wear it soon. Francesca’s is one of my new favorite stores.

5) I have a bunch of old CDs that my friends and I listened to on the road trip. LOL at some of my taste in music back in middle school. I won’t say what all I listened to. Quite embarrassing. But it made for a fun and fast trip!

6) Here is my friend and I almost falling off of the mountain that is also a confederate memorial….

1,683 feet
1,683 feet high (Stone Mountain, GA)

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