Silly defined:

adjective. having or showing a lack of common sense or judgment; absurd and foolish.

Dear Merriam-Webster,

I disagree.

Silly should be defined as follows…

adjective. having a fun, goofy, or happy attitude. not lacking the ability to laugh and be excited about minute things .

Thank you.

Best wishes,


I am silly (the RIGHT definition).


But today, I was especially silly. I cut through the grass, talked about BMs, got my hair braided in the middle of campus right before class, was extra happy about other bloggers, told funny stories (about boys), spent more than an hour researching lyrics I like to come up with a title for this blog, made funny faces with a two year old (whom I don’t know) in the library, played guitar with a friend, went to Chik-fil-A way past dinner time, and slid down my carpet stairs. Here is some evidence…

Be silly. It’s fun.


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