tick tock tick tock tick tock

Time is ticking and tocking away.

I am learning to steward my time in a way that first and foremost glorifies God.

Easier said than done.

I just reserved study rooms to force myself to study for anatomy every day this weekend (appreciate a nurse today, because they work hard to be able to take care of people like you).

Anyways, I got a LITTLE nervous about my week next week and decided to blog to calm myself down… but I’m also kind of using it as an excuse to waste my time.

Don’t waste time, unless it’s with people you love. (I love my readers, so that counts… right??

Peace and blessings,

The girl who wishes she was a time fairy or a time traveler.


Butterflies are captivating.


Why are we (me, especially) drawn to such simple creatures?

I Googled (weird that “googled” is an understood verb, you go Google!) some fun facts about them because I desire to know why they are so endearing. Maybe we can learn a lot from their quiet lifestyle.


  1. wing’s are transparent. {I should always be transparent with other people about the joys and struggles of life… I am still seen as beautiful by others and by the creator of all things.}
  2. taste with their feet
  3. live on an all-liquid diet. {Not sure what to do with the fact butterflies taste with their feet or that they live on all liquid diets. I’m rejoicing that is not the case for us humans. Although, if I could live on chocolate milk/milkshakes alone, I probably would.}
  4. must assemble their proboscis (from two parts, to one functioning part) as soon as it emerges from its chrysalis. A proboscis is its’ mouth. If it is not one functioning part, the butterfly is doomed because it cannot get nectar. {If I am not careful about what I say, eat, or feed my soul, I am surely doomed. Words are powerful. Food has a huge impact on my health. My soul needs the “b-i-b-l-e.. yes, that’s the book for me!”}
  5. drink from mud puddles, to get nutrients/minerals. {Life gets muddy, but you can still get something out of messiness in life}
  6. cannot fly if they are cold (ideal temp is 85° F). {My jaw dropped at this one. Don’t let the cold world harden you so that you are unable to fly. Be warmed by the goodness of life and spread your wings!}
  7. cannot fly if they are newly emerged. {take things one step at a time}
  8. live just 2-4 weeks, usually. {Life is short}
  9. are nearsighted, but can see and discriminate a lot of colors. {Don’t look too far into the future, see the colors today brings.}
  10. know a lot of tricks to prevent being eaten. {guard your heart}


I am not as much of a hippie as much as this post makes me seem. I’m in a really strange mood right now and for some unknown reason I decided researching butterflies was a good & calming idea. I don’t understand the human brain (mine is so weird).


Be captivating.

Thanks for reading… xoxoxo


Thank God it’s Friday!!!!!

Here is a Thursday in the life of Allie:

I woke up and decided to play my new favorite song “God made girls” by Raelynn on repeat. I checked the weather and decided it would warm up enough to roll my jeans up into capris. Then I realized my legs were due for a shave. So… the obvious solution was to only shave half of my calf. I also realized I put on my underwear backwards, so that got fixed right before I walked out of my door. When I got outside, I decided my half shaved calf was cold so I rolled down my capris back into jeans… now my calf is half shaved for no reason… whatever. Life happens.

Lesson: Don’t be lazy when I shave and just shave like a normal lady. Being a girl is fun (even if shaving is on the to-do list).

I took my first sign language test!!!! I think I did really well. It’s my favorite class, I am in disbelief that I almost did not take it out of fear of failing it.

Lesson: BE FEARLESS. (It’s written 365 times in the Bible to not be afraid… I don’t think Jesus could be more clear)

After my classes were over, I came home and ate all of my carrots (with Publix hummus, of course) and had great conversation with my roomies while finishing my Microbiology assignments. YAY!

Lesson: Don’t wait until the day before something expires to eat it. Listen intently in conversations. Not procrastinating is nice.

Since God gifted me with the ability to stay up late, I really enjoy doing this outreach event with my campus ministry. We pass out free hot dogs and waters to people coming out of a popular bar late on Thursday nights. It’s an awesome time to just love the people on my campus and have fruitful conversations.

Funny story: A well-mannered freshman guy, who came from the bar, politely interrupted my conversation with a girl to tell me that I was really cute and that he wanted my number. I giggled/panicked/said thank you, but kept my number to myself. He was persistent, brave, and REALLY wanted my number. I could tell he really wanted it because he had his phone out and ready for me to type it in. I thanked him for being so direct and brave but said I would only add him on Facebook. He didn’t have a Facebook… I kind of panicked again and told him I am not big on giving out my number to guys the first time I meet them. He finally asked for my name (interesting order of his questions). I introduced myself, asked for his name, and inquired if he had met my friend next to me…who just so happens to be a guy (this was a “SAVE ME” tactic). My friend told this freshman guy that I was his girlfriend. SO, I have a fake boyfriend now. JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE’S DAY. But, this freshman guy got my fake boyfriend’s number and he might come to church with us on Sunday (which is awesome)… but this would mean we need to figure out if we should fake break-up or fake stay together. The plot thickens.

Lesson: Being single is fun. I’ve never had a fake boyfriend before. Go with the flow.

Lesson God taught me today: Celebrate my independence daily but live in complete dependency on the eternal God. Both independency and dependency are good if Christ is at the center.

Just a handful of updates

1) Margo found out I wrote about her. I woke up to a text that said “You posted about me on your blog???????? Hahahahhaa you’re so crazy! I love you!!!!!” I just giggled and was so excited I kept it a secret until she read it! Acts of kindness are kind.

2) Still on the hunt for my black suitcase.

3) GAS IS CHEAP. It was $1.98 per gallon today when I filled up before road tripping back from GA.

4) I got a new dress. It’s cute and I am super excited to wear it soon. Francesca’s is one of my new favorite stores.

5) I have a bunch of old CDs that my friends and I listened to on the road trip. LOL at some of my taste in music back in middle school. I won’t say what all I listened to. Quite embarrassing. But it made for a fun and fast trip!

6) Here is my friend and I almost falling off of the mountain that is also a confederate memorial….

1,683 feet

1,683 feet high (Stone Mountain, GA)


THIS WEEKEND IS A LONG WEEKEND. (Thank you, Martin Luther King Jr. for having a dream.)

… I appreciate MLK for more than just the long weekend. He’s really one of the best things that ever happened in America. In the world.


Tonight I am doing laundry and washing dishes in preparation for my adventures that will take place in GA this weekend with some awesome people. So.PUMPED.

I will not tell you what I am doing there right now… So you have incentive to read my blog later… Muahaha.

(For my friends reading this who already know what I am doing there, just keep your lips sealed & encourage people to at least check my posts out)

 & I’m also not telling you because there’s a lot of safety issues with telling the Internet where you are located. 

Be smart online, people. 


As I was folding my laundry, I went to pull out my black suitcase from under my bed and…  

Went to pull my black suitcase from out of my closet and…. 

Went to get my black suitcase out of my car and… 

Then faced the fact that… 

It’s missing. 

So here lies/lie/lay/lays (if you know the grammar regarding these words, please comment the correct way to say what I am trying to say) my clothes with no place to stay: 

I think I left it at my friend’s house in GA last week. Good thing I’ll be there tomorrow. 

Just if you’re reading this, pray I find it. 

Thanks!  Have a wonderful evening!

Fun fact: Turtles can’t walk and breathe at the same time. So, even though I lost my suitcase… I am glad I have not lost/always had the ability to multi-task in such a simple fashion. 

Meet Margo


Margo King.

She is actually a queen. (sorry, bad joke)

Margo is a very marvelous, graceful, and kind person.

Her talents: She’s one of the best singers I know (she taught me how to harmonize). She’s INTELLIGENT (like… makes 100s on anatomy tests, intelligent). Margo is extremely thoughtful, sweet, and fashionable . I basically wish I had everything in her closet, because it’s modest and in style.

I am so blessed to have her as a roommate and close close close friend.

(She has no idea I am posting this… I’ll let you know what her reaction is when she sees it 😉 )


Silly defined:

adjective. having or showing a lack of common sense or judgment; absurd and foolish.

Dear Merriam-Webster,

I disagree.

Silly should be defined as follows…

adjective. having a fun, goofy, or happy attitude. not lacking the ability to laugh and be excited about minute things .

Thank you.

Best wishes,


I am silly (the RIGHT definition).


But today, I was especially silly. I cut through the grass, talked about BMs, got my hair braided in the middle of campus right before class, was extra happy about other bloggers, told funny stories (about boys), spent more than an hour researching lyrics I like to come up with a title for this blog, made funny faces with a two year old (whom I don’t know) in the library, played guitar with a friend, went to Chik-fil-A way past dinner time, and slid down my carpet stairs. Here is some evidence…


Be silly. It’s fun.